Aaron Ahlstrom

All About Aaron

"I've always known I needed to create in order to be happy."

Drawing in a realistic style using graphite pencils has always been my go to. I love how simple and easy it is to pick up the medium contrasted with the complexity of the drawing. Most of my drawings are of people or animals with a landscape thrown in every now and then.

My personal work has largely been focused on challenging myself technically. I strive to create drawings that feel more real and have more detail than ones before. I am inspired by current artists like Dylan Eakin and Miles Johnston, and by old masters like Alphonse Mucha and M.C. Esher.

I am currently practicing in Calgary, AB, Canada where most of my work is commission based. I feel incredibly honored when someone comes to me to have a drawing done. I appreciate every last one of my clients and the enthusiasm they show for the final product. If you have any questions or are looking for information about commissions, please feel free to contact me.